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Independence Unlimited, a registered 501(c) 3 is a tax exempt organization. We receive our funding from the Federal Government, the State of Connecticut, from private foundations, and through contributions from people like you. Donations to our organization will enhance our ability to provide needed services to our consumers and ensure financial stability in these uncertain times.

If you would like to send us a donation, please complete the form below and make your check payable to “Independence Unlimited”. Feel free to let us know if you would like your gift to be used specifically for one of our direct support programs or if you would rather the money be used at the discretion of the Executive Director. Thank you for your consideration and support!

Click Here for our Donation Form

Additional opportunities for providing support:

Independence Unlimited has created an endowment as a means provide a planned, long term and consistent effort to market and build permanent funds for Independence Unlimited. The Endowment for Independent Living is just one piece in the overall development program of the Center.

An endowment can provide financial stability. Nonprofit funding environment can be volatile and create a sense of unease/inconsistency. Income from endowment can smooth out rough spots in a fiscal year. An endowment can be used to underwrite programs that haven’t been funded, support budgets when there are shortfalls, enable management to move the institution forward, provide a safety net when financial crisis occurs or provide funding for new and innovative programs/services. An endowment can be used to provide financial control. Nonprofit income (earned and philanthropic) can be difficult to forecast due to variables outside our control. Income from the endowment is in our control. With time and growth, unrestricted endowment can become a security for IU, and may result in larger gifts from donors to IU.

As a donor, you might want to consider an endowment to perpetuate your values, perpetuate your annual gift, pay tribute to someone forever or provide a possible tax benefit. Examples of gifts are but not limited to:


Stocks and bonds

Real property


Charitable lead trust


Life insurance

Retirement assets

Gift annuities

Charitable remainder trusts

Life estates

At Independence Unlimited, a minimum gift of $2,500 is required for a named Fund. A named fund within an endowment can be restricted to a specific use or unrestricted. Unrestricted funds can be expended at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Uses may include:

  • Funding for a new venture
  • Operations
  • Existing programs
  • Equipment
  • Staff positions

Endowment returns may also be reinvested back not the endowment to maximize long term return of the fun

Independence Unlimited currently has two named funds:
The Hughes Legacy fund (restricted)
Thomas S. Carver Fund (unrestricted)

Non-traditional gifts are subject to the Gift Acceptance Policy developed by the IU Board of Directors. We hope that you will consider endowment as a means to support the work of Independence Unlimited which envisions a society, which, by design and commitment, promotes the rights, value and dignity of people with disabilities as fully participating citizens by actively maintaining equal access, freedom of choice and self-direction.

For more information or to discuss establishing an endowment, contact Candace Low, Executive Director of Independence Unlimited.

Quick Reference Links

Community Choices Program at DSS

Centers for Independent Living

CT State Independent Living Council

North Central Area Agency on Aging

CT Community Care, Inc.

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Independence Unlimited (IU) is a non-residential, non-profit center for in dependent living that serves a diverse population in 38 cities and towns mainly in Hartford County. Established in 1982, IU is governed and managed primarily by people with disabilities.

Major funding for Independence Unlimited is provided by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Administration on Community Living, CT Department of Rehabilitation Services, private grants, fee for service and individual donations.

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Independence Unlimited is open and affirming and welcomes all people regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, nationality, physical or mental disability.