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Contact Us

Independence Unlimited is a one stop disability resource for the Greater Hartford area and beyond. Please find below a list of contacts for Indepence Unlimited. For general information: Independence Unlimited, Inc.
151 New Park Ave., Ste D, Hartford, CT 06106
Tele: 860-523-5021 voice/TTY • Fax: 860-523-5603

For specific information or please choose from the list below:

Candace Low, M.Ed.
Executive Director

Amalynn Morales

MFP Transition Coordinator

Jaclyn Pinney
MFP Supervisor

Jessica Salafia
Advocate and Employment Specialist

Sue Salters, CIRS, CAPS
Advocate, Community Inclusion Coordinator Creating Inclusive Communities/Visit-ability

Jade Vail, CIRS
Advocate, CT Youth Transition Project

Jasmine Byrd
MFP Housing Coordinator

General Questions

Quick Reference Links

Community Choices Program at DSS

Centers for Independent Living

CT State Independent Living Council

North Central Area Agency on Aging

CT Community Care, Inc.

New Park Office & Conference Center
151 New Park Ave.
North Annex | Suite D
Hartford CT 06106

860-523-5021 Voice/TTY

860-523-5603 Fax

Independence Unlimited (IU) is a non-residential, non-profit center for in dependent living that serves a diverse population in 38 cities and towns mainly in Hartford County. Established in 1982, IU is governed and managed primarily by people with disabilities.

Major funding for Independence Unlimited is provided by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Administration on Community Living, CT Department of Rehabilitation Services, private grants, fee for service and individual donations.

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Independence Unlimited is open and affirming and welcomes all people regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, nationality, physical or mental disability.